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Premium Dipping Items

H&C Sales carries only the world/s finest Glacé Dipping Fruits, Ginger, Peanut Butter and Salt. All of our items below are Certified Kosher.

H&C Sales product literature is updated seasonally, so check back often to see the latest information. Please call for further information or to place an order.

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Dried Cherries Dipping Fruits Dried Cranberries Dried Blueberries Dipping Fruits Confectioner's Peanut Butter Dried Strawberries Dipping Fruits
A967 Dried Cherries A968 Dried Cranberries A966 Dried Blueberries A40031 Confectioners Peanut Butter A965 Dried Strawberries
Glace Orange Slices, Australian Himalayan White Sea Salt Lemon Peel

Glace Australian Apricots

Glace Australian Figs

A40017 Orange Slices 22 lbs. ASALT Himalayan White Sea Salt A5113 Lemon Peel

Apricots (Jumbo, Large, Medium)

A40420 Figs
Jordan Crackers Crystallized Orange Peel

Glace Pineapple Rings Autralian

Glace Peaches Australian

Glace Pear, Australian

A6170 Jordan Crackers 8 lbs. A 6210 Orange Peel A40610 Pineapple Rings 22 lbs. A40169 Peaches 22 lbs. A40170 Pear 22 lbs.
Glacee Cherries with Stems, Australian Glacee Cherries without Stems, Australian NO PHOTO Sliced Drained Ginger Crystallized Sliced Ginger
0850 Cherries with Stems 0851 Cherries without Stems A6215 Raisin Thompson – Medium 30 lbs. A5035 Sliced Drained Ginger A7035 Crystallized Slice Ginger

TO ORDER CALL 781-344-6445
or EMAIL H&C Sales

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